About Bartlett Center

Bartlett Center is a not-for-profit organization, created under the State of Missouri (General Not-For-Profit Act). Our purpose is to stimulate the improvement of social, economic and physical conditions within the midtown neighborhoods. The organization is designated as tax-exempt under the 501©(3) statute of the Internal Revenue Services.

Background and History

The inspiration for a human resource center to serve St. Joseph, Missouri’s “Midtown” came from a group of Black activists in 1968, in response to a need to “change and evolve the attitude of minority children through a precise and calculated procedure.” Bartlett Center was then known as Black Citizens for Progress. A campaign goal was set and Black Citizens for Progress began a campaign to raise funds to erect a building. The “Center” (as the building became known) was a focal point of community activity. As times changed, the name Black Citizens for Progress became too narrow of a view. Therefore, the organization was renamed to East Side Human Resource Center. With hopes of becoming a 21st Century social services agency and continuing toward a bright future, the facility was renamed to Bartlett Center in 2006. Bartlett Center is currently implementing new ideas and a new philosophy to build a better tomorrow.

Building a Better Tomorrow

Bartlett Center is currently located at 409 S. 18th Street in midtown St. Joseph, Mo. We serve all ages of people, including clients in the diverse community as well as greater St. Joseph. Everyone is welcome to participate in Bartlett Center’s wide range of activities. The people we serve benefit from the services we offer.